We ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and contractors is a fundamental priority.

Our team of experienced professionals are familiar with the heritage legislation and regulations in the jurisdictions where we work. 

  • Managers, supervisors and crew are expected to follow appropriate occupational health and safety work practices.
  • All employees are provided with appropriate personal and on-site training and resources to ensure safe working environments.
  • Boreas Heritage is certified by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.
  • Boreas Heritage acknowledges the importance of environmental protection and is dedicated to complying with all relevant federal, provincial and municipal legislation and regulations.
  • All archaeological investigations by Boreas Heritage are undertaken in accordance with the requirements issued by the relevant regulatory authorities
  • Their experience and confidence in heritage legislation and requirements informs their transparent advice and recommendations during consultation and on the ground.
  • We adhere to the Canadian Archaeology Association’s Principals of Ethical Conduct and Ethical Conduct Pertaining to Aboriginal Peoples and follow the Codes and Standards of the Register of Professional Archaeologists.
  • We support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.