Geophysical Survey

Early in any project, our primary objective is to identify the extent and nature of the archaeological constraints within our clients’ development area. 

Our geophysics technicians use a range of survey methods to assess the composition, extent and depth of cultural features, and offer advice and recommendations on how to proceed.  We apply non-intrusive and non-destructive techniques to identify, record and analyse cultural landscapes, shallow subterranean features and examine the surface of objects to establish how they were formed or reproduce them as 3-D models.

Applications for these techniques include architectural feature recording, condition monitoring, cemetery documentation, underground utility location, and non-intrusive recording, interpretation and presentation of sensitive cultural features, such as petroglyphs and fragile objects.

We have ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic imagery equipment that allow us to “see” below the surface.  We can peal back layers in the data to reveal buried cultural features and buried infrastructure without having to disturb them.  Shovel testing and excavations are used to confirm initial assessments, but they take time.  A comprehensive geophysical survey of your development area to quickly locate high-potential heritage areas and precisely define the extent of subsurface features.